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Improved Drying Efficiency using Microwave in Lost Wax Molds and Reduced Drying Time in Plaster Molds using Microwave
Paper No. 4 - Technical paper presented at the ICI 63rd Technial Conference 2016 
Norio Chida

The technical paper at the 2012 ICI technical conference by Japan High Comm (JHC) presented that we developed an innovative proprietary technology to dry lost wax molds using microwave including microwave drying chamber and a complete shell making line with incorporation of it.  It has been put into practical use and now they are practically applied at some leading foundries worldwide.
The technical paper in 2013 then presented JHC microwave effectively dries molds with complicated cavities with combination use of supplemental drying mechanism, which optimizes drying efficiency, and it allows molds to be drastically dried in short time.  Other practical experiments have been repeatedly conducted to this day, and it has demonstrated JHC microwave is also capable to dry molds with strict technical requirements in short time. Some of its results were presented at the 14th World Conference in Investment Casting in April 2016.
This JHC microwave mold drying system is not only an effective way of reducing drying time, but also effective for reducing lead time of new product development period, improving prototype yield rate, and saving energy costs.
The use of microwave is also effective to dry plaster molds and ceramics in addition to lost wax molds. For example, a prototype maker who is using plaster mold is always pressed for time, and they are spending 20 to 45 hours to dry their plaster molds at the temperature of approximately 280C/536F. Our recent drying test achieved 90% reduction in dry time of plaster molds.
This paper will present technical details of improved drying efficiency and reduced drying time of plaster molds.



Improved Drying Efficiency using Microwave in Lost Wax Molds
Paper No. 3 - Technical paper presented at the WCIC Paris 2016 
Norio Chida

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Microwave Drying Chamber for the molds in complex shape
Paper No. 2 - Technical paper presented at the 60th ICI Technical Conference 2013
Norio Chida

In general, drying time in natural drying process for “hard-to-dry shaped casting molds” including cylindrical pipes, cups, and complicated shaped casting molds are longer than that of simple shaped molds.
Newly developed microwave super fast drying system has many advantages over the fact that investment casters are experiencing spending long time to dry “hard-to-dry shaped molds.”
Current method of natural drying keeps moisture content inside of the molds for a long time, and this prevents moisture content from being dehydrated.
With the new method of microwave drying system, microwave facilitates dehydration of the entire molds by direct acting on moisture content. It activates water molecule and facilitates bringing out the moisture from the inside of molds to the surface. 
This paper will present technical details of time reduction in mold drying process, mold temperature control with microwave drying system and how this technology can be practically applied and contributed for investment casters.

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State-of-the-Art shellroom system with Microwave Drying
Microwave Drying System for Lost Wax Casting Mold

Paper No. 1 - Technical paper presented at the 59th ICI Technical Conference 2012
Norio Chida

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